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sound therapy

sound therapy    so sound table

Relaxing on sound tables is an amazing experience.  Beautiful heart opening music resonates through the massage table, while the music vibrates through your whole body the entire time, capturing the benefits of sound healing.  Sound healing is applying therapeutic frequencies of sound and/or music to the body/mind with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony or health.  Every organ, bone, and cell of the body has its own resonance frequency.  Together they make up an orchestra of frequencies like the instruments that make up a symphony orchestra.  When one organ is out of tune, it will affect the whole body.  Through sound healing, it may be possible to bring you back into harmony, hence a more healthy state of being.

*Benefits Include:

  • manage stress levels
  • relax more completely (mentally, emotionally, and physically)
  • improve general health
  • increase circulation
  • become in-tune with your inner truth
  • balance
  • feelings come alive:  Joy. Love. Inspiration
  • promote overall well being
  • transform into a harmonious space
  • emotional release
  • inner journey

30 min session :: $25       

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*individual results may vary