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solo detox body mask

This self-administered treatment results in increased body firmness and a radiant, healthy appearance from a mask that contains a unique tiefenmoor or deep moor complex harvested from a deposit at the foot of the Austrian Alps. Rather than being open to the environment, this pure moor complex has been cocooned deep beneath the earth for many years. It is comprised of over 100 herbal, plant, and flower species and is rich in organic substances. You’ll begin your experience by exfoliating your skin with a body brush (yours to take home), applying a complete oil, and painting your body with the mask.  You will then relax in our steam filled wet treatment room, cocooning yourself in a warming suit while the mask absorbs into your skin.  The process is completed by removing the mask with hot towels, followed by applying a lotion with a unique blend of Moor plus chamomile, arnica, wild yam and sweet potato extracts that leaves the skin soft, smooth and well hydrated.*  This service can be done alone or is great for up to 4 people at a time if you are looking for a treatment for a small group.  Relax after or before your service in our relaxation lounge and/or our aroma therapy lounge.

45 minutes :: $88/person

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Add on:  Further enhance this treatment by adding on the purchase of a Moor Spa® Bio-Shorts Bioceramic Contouring System.  This system delivers a significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite and excess fat. The bio-ceramic material incorporated into each pair of Bio-Shorts radiates and reflects the body’s own far infrared (FIR) rays to generate significant heat. The Bio-Shorts also activate the botanical ingredients in Moor Spa Contour Cream and help to improve their penetration into the skin. The system delivers significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite and excess fat.  Apply Moor Spa® Contour Cream, slip on Bio-Shorts, and go about your day. The system works effectively whether you‘re walking, exercising, or relaxing. When finished wearing your shorts, reapply the Contour Cream.  Available in the following sizes: Small (dress size 0-4); Medium (dress size 6-8); Large (dress size 10-12); Extra Large (dress size 14-16); XX Large (dress size 16+)

S, M, L, XL :: $140

XXL :: $150

*individual results may vary

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