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salon services

Aveda, Simply Smooth, and Goldwell products  contain multiple benefits and targeted ingredients to work with a variety of hair textures.  All prices are ala carte.  Prices may vary due to hair length, density and condition  of hair.

  • wash & dry :: $35 and up
  • wash, cut & dry :: $40 and up
  • thermal style with service :: $12 and up
  • bang trim :: $5 and up
  • men’s hair cut w/shampoo :: $20
  • roller set :: $40
  • formal style :: $50 and up
  • deep condition/scalp treatment :: $15 to $35
  • malibu treatment :: $15 with service
  • relaxer :: $65 varies upon consultation


  • color (full head) :: $65 and up with service
  • color (retouch) :: $57 and up with service
  • add multiple colors :: $25/color with service
  • corrective color :: varies upon consultation
  • glossing service :: $25


  • foil crown :: $55 and up (12 foils) with service
  • foil partial :: $65 and up (ear to ear) with service
  • foil full head :: $90 and up with service

keratin applications

The Truth About Keratin Treatments:  There’s been a lot of negative talk about smoothing products lately.  The controversy is due to the large amounts of Formaldehyde in some Brazilan treatments.  We are pleased to announce that by using breakthrough technology developed in the United States, SIMPLY SMOOTH KERATIN TREATMENTS has created a formula that provides high performance smoothing with a safe, natural process, certified to work within safe levels established by the CIR and HEALTH CANADA.   With the molecular bond technology, SIMPLY SMOOTH KERATIN TREATMENTS will reduce and relax curl while leaving hair revitalized, reconditioned and silky smooth for as long as 16 weeks.  The gentle SIMPLY SMOOTH formula is also enriched with vitamins from plants, apple pulp and vanillin (a single molecule component isolated from vanilla.)  The formula is so gentle in fact, hair can be colored or highlighted the same day.  And unlike other keratin treatments out there, SIMPLY SMOOTH won’t alter lighter shades of color treated hair.

  • touch of keratin treatment :: $15 with service  … a botanically blended treatment.    This treatment will leave hair frizz free and reduce texture for approximately 30 days.  Hair can be shampooed within 24 hours.
  • keratin color lock treatment  :: $25 with service ……is a botanically blended keratin infused post chemical service treatment.  It is used after any hair color application or relaxer application, on clients who may or may not have had a Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment.  This treatment will replenish hair with keratin that may have been reduced due to chemical services.  It will help lock in hair color and lock out moisture and humidity, prolonging the chemical service and the Keratin Treatment.  The color lock treatment will maintain a frizz free texture, and tame curl for approximately 30 – 45 days.
  • keratin deep conditioning treatment :: $25 with service…… is a botanically blended, keratin infused, weightless, non-flaking, smoothing potion.  This sodium chloride free formula will benefit all hair types, whether or not a Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment has been applied.  When used after a keratin straightening treatment, treatment will prolong the duration of the treatment.
  • keratin straightening treatment :: $200 (requires consultation)    …is a botanically based, formalin free, keratin smoothing system that has a cumulative effect on the hair.  It reduces texture 25% to 50%, and will last for 12 – 16 weeks.  Simply Smooth can be repeated as often as every four weeks, however, 12 – 16 weeks is recommended.  Simply Smooth may be used over all chemical treatments (including color, hi-lights, relaxers, etc…) to enhance them.  The Simply Smooth treatment can be applied directly after a color service.  The process takes 1.5 to 3 hours and can be shampooed as soon as 72 hours.  Clients must maintain with Simply Smooth at home hair care for best results.

(prices may vary due to length, density and condition of hair)