Spa Services


Formal Style

Any hair style for a special occasion or event that includes pinning the hair up or away from the face; we recommend you arrive with clean, dry hair.


Add ons to our hair salon services include:

Keratin Conditioner

$17 – $28

Malibu Treatment

A detoxifying treatment which helps to remove build up from the hair; chlorine, environmental factors, styling products and minerals from hard water. Frequently recommend prior to performing color services to help ensure even color absorption, excellent for swimmers.    Add on to service.




Color Full Head

Color services are add ons to either a Wash & Style or Hair Cut from the above servies.  We believe that your hair color is as unique as your are.  Because the possibilities are endless, to ensure an adequate amount of time is scheduled, please cal (517) 323-4331 to book your color service.  If you have not had a color service at our facility before, you must call to book a “salon color consultation” appointment before scheduling a color service.


Color Touch Up

Touch up cost apply to color that was orignially applied by Zoe stylists and within 4 weeks of prior color service.


Foil Crown Highlights

Up to 12 foils.


Foil Partial Highlights

Ear to ear.


Corrective Color

Varies upon consultation