Salt therapy originated 300 years ago, when it was discovered that the salt miners had little to no respiratory problems, clearer skin, and general overall better health.  Russia decided to simulate this environment and invented a halo generator.  Halo generators pulvize salt in its’ most purest form, NaCL, and disburse it throught the air.  Europeans visit salt therapy lounges and/or caves on a daily basis.  Find out why below:

If the change in weather gives you a cold, salt therapy treatments are a great option.  They boost your immune system, reduce your chances of getting sick and are a great way to detox.  According to the Salt Therapy Association, dry salt air, a natural detox for skin and lungs found in Eastern European salt mines decades ago, is gaining popularity throughout the world as “halotherapy.”  Its benefits include encouraging clear skin, enhanced breathing, superior endurance, deeper sleep and overall wellness.

45 min | $45
45 min | $20 (children 10 – 12 years)
group rate up to 8 | $150
1 month unlimited | $149
3 months unlimited | $129/month
yearly unlimited | $90/month